Cosmic Charlies Ethos

Do our dreams live in the endless void of space? Do they begin to crystalize at the thin line 100 km overhead where the edge of space meets the edge of our beautiful blue globe?

an astronaut floating in the air above the earth

Dreams mean many different things to many different people.

There are dreams of different futures, dreams that cast light on memories past and dreams that seem incomprehensible once eyes reopen. Sometimes dreams are shared; friends dream of traveling the world together, lovers dream of ways to make their love immortal, and some brothers dream of building a business to call their own. The story of Cosmic Charlies starts with the latter. Cannabis can pull our dreams down from the stars and into the waking world. It offers form to the formless, a substance of substance. These brothers always had love for the little green dream machine, even when the powers that be had locked it behind the gates of authority. Now the floodgates have opened with waters swift. Store after store with aspirations only as high as bottom-lines. That just would not do for these brothers two. They went straight to the source. The dream void of space would dictate this place.

Cosmic Charlies is born.

Through thick and thin, and unwavering perseverance, a dream crossed that thin barrier and became reality. We welcome everyone to share in our dream and walk through our door, even just to say ‘hello!’

Sean and Charlie Kady standing with arms crossed side by side

Take me to your dealer.